Pampered Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

5 Deer Cove

Farmington, NH 03835

(603) 755-1091





 Pampered Paws Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that provides lifetime care for elderly, special needs, disabled and feral cats. All our residents have special circumstances which make them unlikely candidates for adoption from mainstream shelters.  We work in cooperation with local shelters to care for the needs of their unadoptable cats, so they do not have to meet an alternative end.

We are generally not open to the public for drop-in visits, as it puts unnecessary stress on our residents, but appointments are available if you would like to come see our facility and visits the residents.

All cats are cared for on a twenty-four-seven basis, they are all spayed/neutered, kept up-to-date with all shots, receive medical attention when required, allowed to live in the manner they choose for themselves in a safe, healthy environment and are buried in our cemetery when they are finally ready to move on.