Pampered Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

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Our Story


Pampered Paws Sanctuary is located in a secluded, wooded area in central New Hampshire.


We began our journey in a humble way and are still learning and growing.


After working in various shelters for over twenty five years, I realized that a particular sector of the sheltering community was not being addressed. It seemed as though whenever over population became an issue at mainstream shelters, the first cats to be euthanized were the elderly, disabled or medically challenged cats.


Most of these cats are wonderful animals, but because of space or financial considerations, the shelters were forced to make the difficult decisions as to who would be the most adoptable and make space available to them.


This is such an unnecessary situation as it could so easily be rectified if cats were spayed/neutered as soon as they reached reproduction age!


In 2005, I received a call from a friend who was a manager at the NHSPCA.  She told me she had a cat named "Sam" who was going to be put down, as he was old and overweight.  He had been at the shelter for over a year after his caretaker had passed away, and because of his size and age, he was overlooked when people came in to adopt a cat/kitten. She asked if I would consider taking to my home, as she knew I lived in an isolated area.  When I arrived at the shelter to pick up Sam, the volunteer who brought him out to me was dragging the carrier on the ground.  My first thought was " what have I gotten myself into?"  It wasn't until we were safely in the car that I opened the carrier to see a beautiful tabby cat, who probably weighed in excess of twenty five pounds!


I considered him my "gentle giant" as he would patiently wait until everyone else finished eating before he would approach the dishes.  He was a good dishwasher, but he also always got his share of the food!  His favorite pastime was laying on his back, all twenty-five lbs. stretched out in front of the fireplace taking up most of the rug space!


Because he had been in the community room at the shelter he got along great with the other cats I shared my home with and was with us for eight years before his health had deteriorated to the point where his quality of life was gone and the only humane decision we could make was to give him eternal peace.


After taking in Sam, I began to get requests from other shelters to take in some of their more unadoptable cats.  I realized I couldn't afford this on my own, so I enlisted the aid of some like minded friends to become our Board of Directors and began the long legal process of incorporating Pampered Paws as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We became legal in 2010 as Pampered Paws Sanctuary, Inc.  Our EIN# - 27-1930396, Business ID# - 633200.


We currently have 34 lifetime residents at our Sanctuary. We have twelve that are over fifteen years old. We have one with kidney failure, one with diabetes, two with only one eye, one with three legs, two with in-utero dis temper (a condition that resembles Parkinson's - they wobble and shake, tip over when they walk, and climb up to their favorite spots as they can't jump) as well as a healthy population of feral cats in various stages of socialization.


Our dream for the Sanctuary is that one day we can build a "state of the art facility" to expand our ability to take on more of this excluded sector of the community and provide them with a permanent life long residence in a peaceful, quiet, stress free, healthy, safe and comfortable environment - where they can spend the many good years they have left in them living the life they deserve!


Thank you for reading our story, hopefully it will inspire you to consider adopting a cat like this when adding an addition to your family.  While everyone will benefit, believe me when I say, you will be the one to receive the most!


Unconditional love, boundless gratitude, companionship, entertainment and belief in the power of healing are all the gifts, plus many more, you will be rewarded with from this relationship.


Peace, Paws, Love and Gratitude, may they always be yours,