Pampered Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

5 Deer Cove

Farmington, New Hampshire 03835

(603) 755-1091

EIN: 27-1930396


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Our Story

Pampered Paws Sanctuary is located in a secluded, wooded area in central New Hampshire.

We began in a humble way and are learning and growing as we move forward........


After working/volunteering in various shelters for over twenty five years, I realized that a particular sector of the sheltering community was not being addressed. It seemed whenever over population became an issue at the shelter, the first cats to be euthanized were the elderly, disabled or medically challenged/special needs cats.


Most of these cats were wonderful animals, but because of space, financial considerations or the cat's temperament, the shelters were forced to make the difficult decision as to who would be the most adoptable and make space available for them. When this decision needed to be made the first cats to go would be the ones that were the least likely to be adopted out - usually the older, medically challenged or disabled ones.


This is such an unnecessary situation as it could so easily be prevented if people would spay/neuter their cat as soon as it reached reproduction age!!!!


In 2005, I received a call from a friend who was a manager at the NHSPCA.  She told me she had a cat named "Sam" who was next in line to be put down because he was very overweight and older. Sam had been at the shelter for over a year after his caretaker had passed away and was in a room with the general population and got along great with all the other cats. Because of his age and size he was overlooked by people looking for a younger, cuter cat. Also, people were afraid that as he aged even more, he would develop medical complications due to his weight. She begged me to take him, as she knew I lived in a remote area and he would be safe and cared for at my home.


When I arrived at the NHSPCA to pick him up - the volunteer that brought him out to the lobby to me was literally dragging the carrier as he was to heavy for her to lift! Of course my first thought was "what have I just agreed to"? But when we were safely in my car and I was able to open his carrier I saw the most beautiful green eyes and tabby fur on a twenty five + size cat! I fell in love immediately.


Sam thus became my "gentle giant". He was the most well-mannered, easy going, laid back, loving cat I had ever met. He would wait patiently while my other cats ate their breakfast, then he would approach a dish and proceed to act as dishwasher and lick it spotless. Of course he always got his share of wet food and was no stranger to the dry food that was always available. He always used the litter box for his personal needs, was meticulous when it came to his personal grooming, never bullied anyone to take their sleeping spot and was never demanding or obnoxious in any way. His favorite position however, was to lay on his back, legs spread wide, (not very modest) and take up the living room rug!  It was quite a sight as his size just about covered the entire rug and his position was questionable and a lively point of discussion with everyone that met him!


My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to spend 7 good years with Sam and will be forever grateful to him for making us laugh, loving us unconditionally always and entertaining us with some of his other antics. His good nature will always be an inspiration as he always had the ability to show restraint, patience, kindness, love, a sense of humor and took everything in stride without complaint or misbehavior. Lessons everyone should be so lucky to have the opportunity to learn!!!


We lost Sam last year, after two dental surgeries, he had begun to lose weight and have difficulty eating. (The irony is not lost as he was so overweight when he came to share our home with us). He was struggling to groom himself and was showing signs that his age was catching up with him. He became more lethargic and preferred sleeping to eating or showing off his "assets". His breath also became intolerable to be around and we would not consider putting him thru another surgery at his age and in his condition, only to have him spend his last months recuperating and suffering only for our benefit.  So the decision was made to humanely and with dignity, respect and kindness let him go to find permanent peace and rest and we look forward to the day when we will all be reunited again.  Until then however, we know he watches over us and protects and loves us forever - as we do him! He was 20 when he left us......


After taking Sam into our home, I began to get requests from other shelters looking to find homes for some of their more un-adoptable cats. Because I couldn't financially provide for every cat that would be euthanized because they were old, unattractive (although beauty is in the eye of the beholder), disabled, on medication or had behavior issues - I enlisted the assistance of some of my like minded, kind friends to form a Board of Directors and we began the back-braking process of filling out the government paperwork necessary to obtain our non profit, 501(c)(3) status so we could accept donations to help with the cost of caring for these kitties and save them from the other fate awaiting them. We became officially legal in 2009! Our EIN#: 27-1930396, our Business ID#: 633200. To date, we are in good standing as a legal non profit agency with The State of New Hampshire.


There are currently 27 residents at our Sanctuary. We renovated our entire home for the comfort and convienence of all the cats that share our space with us and they all have access to every area of the house that suits them. We have 5 residents that are over 20 years old, 7 that are over 15 years old, a hyperthyroid kitty that takes a pill (not pleasantly) every day for his condition, 2 with in-utero distemper, a neurological condition that causes them to shake continuously, wobble when walking, tip over frequently and while it is not painful, nor transferable it is also incurable, 2 missing an eye, 1 with a leg missing and a number in various stages of sociability. We also support a colony of 8 feral cats on the property. 


All our residents are spayed and/or neutered. They are all up to date on vaccines, receive yearly wellness checkups and are immediately attended to if a medical condition arises that needs attention and/or surgery thanks to our vets on staff at Cocheco Veterinary Hospital in Farmington.  (Great people if you live in the area and need a veterinarian for your pet).


As of this update, we have saved/rescued/given shelter & care to over 70 cats in the last 6 years!!!!!! We believe our residents live as long as they do because they are provided with a stress free, peaceful, clean, healthy, undemanding place to call home and they are given the freedom to live their lives on their terms, if they want a lap - its available, if they want to be left alone, that's OK as well.  There is plenty of love to go around and the doors swings both them and us!!


Thank you for taking the time to read our story and hopefully it will inspire you to consider the joy and benefits of adopting an older or special needs cat if you are looking to add to your family. Everyone will benefit, and you will saving the life of the best gift you will ever receive - unconditional gratitude, love, affection, entertainment, companionship and the belief that all things are possible if you look past a disability and look forward to a life with no boundaries.  May these gifts one day be yours.

Peace, paws, love and gratitude,